Green plant wall

€ 490,00 p/sq. mtr

The green wall is completely modular, circular and 100% Made in Holland. Due to the modular construction, the green wall fits into any building or office. Circularity in combination with local production ensures a minimal footprint.

Room divider

€ 1.890,00 – € 3.590,00

The room divider, made of powder-coated (stainless) steel, is completely circular and 100% Made in Holland. The room dividers are available in sizes S to XL, which can all be provided with various rear walls. The room divider is also easy to move.


€ 360,00

This is the smallest indoor climate solution within the Cloud Garden range. The Mini can be used in the smallest workplace. In addition, the Mini, like all our other solutions, is completely circular and 100% Made in Holland.

Water wall

€ 3.190,=

Just like our green walls, this solution is completely circular and 100% Made in Holland. This decentralized solution not only has a positive effect on the indoor climate, but is also a real eye-catcher.

climate sensor

€ 180,00 – € 280,00 (p/yr)

Cloud Garden makes the indoor climate measurable, healthier and more energy-efficient with the self-developed climate sensor. The multi-sensor registers relative humidity, temperature, CO2 and pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and particulate matter (PM).