A great experience during Vivatech 2019 in Paris

VivaTech 2019 with Dell and three other start-ups

Last week, we were invited to Viva Technology 2019 by Dell to exhibit Cloud Garden at their stand as one of 4 European start-ups. We were invited with 3 other start-ups: VR-Solutions (France), Twistlock (Israel) and Sun Labs Nordic (Sweden). This was a great experience and we met some very interesting companies and people.

Creating high-end data to feed algorithms

We spoke about  the applications of the climate data produced by our Climate Sensors. The various applications we spoke about ranger from: smart energy grids, smart buildings and even greenhouse maintenance. we believe that anyone can make a sensorboard, but not everyone can create high-end data to feed algorithms like ours. This enables us to enable a lot of business cases. This can create a list of smart choices that a building should take to improve the indoor climate.

Dell Boomi launch

Several people listened to our story and are interested in more information about data driven buildings and how to make that buildings healthier and more energy efficient. Given that we are vendor independent through the production of our hardware, we can work together with almost any company through  our climate sensor widely API links. At Vivatech we launched our integration with Dell Boomi (link) as produced by our integration partner Nalta.

We would like to thank Dell Technologies and Peter Nool, Charlotte Aspeheim, Jean Jacques Kroesbergen, Patrick van de Coolwijk, Jan van ’t Klooster for the possibility to participate on this exhibition. A special thanks to Mike Veldhuis from Nalta and the other participants VR-Solutions, Twistlock and Sun Labs Nordic for three enjoyable and inspirational days.

For a small recap, watch the video Mike made:

Bas Beugels Operational Director